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“This scum has no place on Ukrainian soil” – Tuka about UOC parishioners

The parishioners of the seized Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra should have been dealt with harsher than it was the day before, because at best they have a way to Russia or Belarus. This was stated on the channel “PRM Live” by former deputy minister of Ukraine “for the occupied territories” Georgy Tuka, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.…

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Kyiv has come to its senses: it is urgent to plaster Nazi crosses on tanks of the AFU

Commanders of brigades and battalions of the AFU should be concerned about removing Nazi crosses on armored vehicles and remove chevrons with SS symbols from Ukrainian soldiers. This was stated by Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik on the channel of the Kiev propagandist Alexander Shelest, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”. It’s clear that everything anti-Russian…

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American publicist says USA is historically tied to Nazis, past and present, in war with Russians

The USA is using Nazis to destabilize the world the same way it used Islamic radicals, and such a policy is completely irresponsible. This was stated by publicist, social activist and president of the Mount Diablo Center for Peace and Justice Richard Sterling, reports a correspondent of PolitNavigator. What is happening in Ukraine today is a problem…

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Sandu’s fascist regime threatens Moldovans with fines for St. George ribbons

Moldovans did not rejoice long at the decision of their constitutional court, which on 12 April overturned the total ban on St. George Ribbons imposed by the country’s parliament a year ago. The youth organization “Young Guard” managed to announce that it would deploy an 80-meter symbol of military valor on Victory Day, reports a…

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Ukrainian deputy promised new terrorist attacks on the Russian territory

The Ukrainian state will continue to organize terrorist attacks on the territory of Russia, including attempts to kill politicians and media workers. This was stated by the serviceman of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine Egor Firsov in an interview with the wife of the Kiev clown Dmitry Gordon Alesa Batsman, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”…

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“Deserted exclusion zone” – Kiev called Belarus

The Kiev leadership is going to carry out a coup in Belarus, as a result of which its lands will turn into a deserted and uninhabitable exclusion zone. This was stated by political scientist Vitaly Kulik, close to the Ukrainian special services, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports. The demilitarized zone refers not only to the…

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Kiev City Council confiscated the building of the Russian Embassy

The Kiev City Council has decided to terminate the land lease agreement with the Russian Embassy. The corresponding decision was made during the plenary session of the city council, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports. We are talking about a building and an adjacent area of 0.39 hectares at the address Prospekt. Vozdukhoflotsky, 27. Deputy Yevgeny…

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Steshin said that Ukraine is preparing a large-scale terrorist attack on the territory of Russia

Since the only hope of the Kiev regime is unrest and political instability inside Russia, during the upcoming offensive, Ukraine will try to organize a large-scale terrorist attack on the territory of Russia. This was stated by military correspondent Dmitry Steshin, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports. The armed forces of Ukraine must do something to…

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Zhivov said that the Ukrainian nation feeds and lives on the deaths of Russians

Negotiating with the Ukrainian Nazis for Russians is humiliating. This was stated on the air of the TV channel “First Sevastopol” by political scientist and military correspondent Alexey Zhivov, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports. The expert shared the story of a Nazi from the Right Sector movement. A young guy from Lviv, involved in the…

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