The West makes Zaluzhnу a sacrificial lamb. Why Russia should not be happy about it

14.06.2023 21:15
  (Moscow time) 
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It seems that the West is slowly preparing the ground for legalizing the “Ukrainian trace” as the main version of last year’s blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline. An interesting candidate for the role of the mastermind – unexpectedly! – Valeriy Zaluzhny, head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Politico, it was the Ukrainian military genius who could have masterminded the sabotage of the Russian gas pipelines.

It seems that the West is slowly preparing the ground for legalizing the “Ukrainian...

A whole bunch of curious facts have been made public. For example, it is alleged that Dutch intelligence allegedly knew about a possible Ukrainian attack on Nord Stream as early as last June – a couple of months before the attack itself, which, as we know, took place in September.

The US Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, adds another touch to the reconstruction of the whole picture. The CIA allegedly initially doubted the ability of the Ukrainian special services to pull off such a technically complex scenario, which also required the placement of explosives in the Baltic Sea.

However, according to a Politico publication, Kiev allegedly did not heed these warnings. It is claimed that Zaluzhny was the direct mastermind of the sabotage and that all the dirty work was done by a group of six Ukrainian special forces divers travelling on a sailboat.

According to German Die Zeit, the Ukrainians on the sailing boat were to reach the site of the alleged explosion, which was planned to take place in June last year. The attack on Nord Stream itself was initially timed to coincide with the end of the NATO BALTOPS military training exercise, which took place from June 5 to 17 last year. The plan was for commandos with fake documents to rent a yacht, then descend to a depth of about 80 metres into the pipeline and plant explosives there.

In general, the impression is that the West has decided on whom to pin its own sins on, carefully taking their governments away from political responsibility as well as withdrawing their intelligence services from the media firing line and legal responsibility.

We can agree with those authors who think that westerners are trying to “persuade” Zaluzhny to “play Bin Laden.” As we remember, after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Zaluzhny too was at first unaware that he was the world’s number one “terrorist. But then he got accustomed to the role and played it to the end.

The recent story of Zaluzhny’s mysterious disappearance from all radar is taking on new colours in the light of the aforementioned versions. It is quite possible that this was a deliberate or coordinated move into the shadows in the run-up to the disclosure of the scandalous leaks.

Finally, there is one more point. Be that as it may, all these manoeuvres around the Nord Streams are a very bad sign for Russia. It is obvious that no matter who is declared the mastermind of the pipe bombing, there will be no mass condemnation in the West, let alone apologies to Russia afterwards.

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