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Kiev thinks: Ukraine will still have to face Turkey’s expansion

Turkey is engaged in active expansion in the Black Sea region, showing appetite for the former territories of the Ottoman Empire. This means that Ukraine will still have to face this problem in the future. This was stated by economic expert Oleksiy Kushch in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Oleksandr Shelest, reports the correspondent of…

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Ukraine is flying into a demographic pit, repeating the fate of Paraguay

Ukraine is facing a demographic crisis unprecedented in the world history. This was stated by economic expert Oleksiy Kushch in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Oleksandr Shelest, a correspondent of PolitNavigator reports. Kushch predicts further decline of the Ukrainian economy, energy, logistics and industrial potential. As long as there is a war, there can be…

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Former associate demanded that Zelensky be sent to the dock

The top political leadership of Ukraine must bear responsibility for the country’s unpreparedness for war, because the country now has to pay too high a price. This, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”, in the air of the video blog declared the deputy of the Supreme Rada Geo Leros, formerly a member of the presidential faction…

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Losses of the 128th AFU brigade in Uzhgorod made hair stand on end – Ukrainian propaganda

The 128th brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces formed in Transcarpathia has suffered the heaviest losses. This, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”, writes anti-Russian propaganda Internet edition “Ukrainian Truth”, who visited Uzhgorod. It is noted that there is no curfew in Uzhgorod, and the city itself has never been shelled at all. Uzhgorod pays a…

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AFU prepares for attack on nuclear power plant: “It’s okay if you drink water with strontium a couple of times”

Ukraine continues to reassure that the emergency incident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP will not lead to serious consequences for the Ukrainian army, which will take control of the facility. This, reports a correspondent of “PolitNavigator”, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine said the head of the department of nuclear energy at the Institute of Nuclear Power…

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Russia is stockpiling missiles for a massive strike – Ukrainian military expert

Russia is accumulating resources in order to deliver a massive missile strike on Ukraine. This was stated by military expert Sergei Grabsky on the air of the Internet channel “Now”, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports. According to Grabsky, now the Russian Federation does not have a large amount of ammunition and missiles in stock for…

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Ukraine will try to blow up ZNPP in the next few days – expert

In order to make the West reconsider its opinion and accept Ukraine into NATO, the Kiev regime will try to blow up the ZNPP in the next few days and blame it on Russia. Russian political observer and radio host Igor Vittel said this on the air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda,” reports the correspondent of…

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The West sees that the AFU offensive is not going according to plan, skepticism grows – Karasev

Western political scientists, opinion leaders and other experts are disappointed with the Ukrainian “counterattack” and do not believe in the success of the AFU. This was stated by Kiev political analyst Vadim Karasev in an interview with journalist Alexander Shelest, reports a correspondent of PolitNavigator. According to Karasev, this means that the so-called “armistice party”…

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The Russians will go in August. After that the Poles will come – the Kiev political analyst

Ukraine now will not go to sign another analogue of the “Minsk Agreements” with Russia, so there will be offensive operations by the Russian Armed Forces ahead. This was stated in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Alexander Shelest by political scientist Mikhail Chaplyga, who fled from Kiev, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”. The “Minsk-3” hike…

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The West is involved in Prigozhin’s rebellion

Military expert Konstantin Sivkov: The West is involved in Prigozhin’s rebellion. “Such mass demonstrations are never purely internal. This is unambiguous, there is influence from that side – not directly on Prigozhin, but through indirect structures, of which I have no doubt. The reason is very simple – there is a failure of the offensive…

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Poroshenko’s Political Technologist Complimented the Russian Army

Russia has drawn conclusions from the previous stage of the special operation, regrouped, strengthened and armed much better. Its mobilized have been well trained, are already shelled and will not run at the first fire contact. The political technologist Taras Berezovets, a fugitive from Crimea who serves the interests of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko,…

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