A war of one’s own. Thoughts on the background of Prilepin’s blown up car 

06.05.2023 17:40
  (Moscow time) 
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Zakhar Prilepin’s car was blown up in Nizhny Novgorod. The writer, fortunately, turned out to be alive, though badly wounded (according to the latest reports, his legs seem to have been torn off).

Numerous telegraph commentators immediately began practically wringing their hands and scribbling the usual songs about “We’ll never forget, we’ll never forgive” and “By the New Year all the VIPs will have been killed off one by one, with talk of red lines,” following a well-tested methodology, but I was reminded of a very recent post by RT’s Margarita Simonyan.

Zakhar Prilepin’s car was blown up in Nizhny Novgorod. The writer, fortunately, turned out...

We need to stop claiming that we will answer everything. People can’t hear that anymore. We need to remove the words “provocation,” “cynical act,” and “we are preparing a response” from our vocabulary. We need to stop making statements altogether. The more statements, the less faith there is in them. People believe what they see,” Simonyan wrote.

You have no idea to what extent the author of this quote is right. Another thing is that behind these words there is no business to be seen, because the assassination attempt on Prilepin proved that no one in the media space followed Margarita’s good advice.

Big and seemingly formidable Russia cannot. Because if in more than a year of war no reports have come out of Ukrainian territory about the bombing of cars carrying the Ukrainian elite or just prominent people, if no shells have been fired at Ukrainian propagandists or activists, if no mines have been laid on the route of motorcades of big and small officials – the explanation is only one: the intelligence work of the Russian special services in Ukraine is not carried out.

For the same reason, it makes no sense to call for any retaliatory actions in response. There are simply no people to whom such appeals could be made.

Anyway, what kind of terrorist attacks can there be if the leadership has one hand on Bakhmut, while the other hand is negotiating with the enemy on the grain deal and “does not exclude” the possibility of negotiations on other topics – as soon as Kiev is ripe for a constructive approach, that is, right away. Terrorist attacks only complicate the notorious “negotiation background.

Hence these endless mantras about “not giving in to provocations. But the absence of a rapid, intelligible and tough response to provocations only whets the appetite of provocateurs and makes future provocations virtually inevitable. Why not provoke if there is no response?

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